Residuals of Tooth Root

When residuals of a tooth root remain as the result of an incomplete prior extraction, the removal of this residual root must be done before any other dental procedure.

From a procedural standpoint, the surgical extraction of a residual tooth root is a straightforward event. Your dentist will provide local anesthetic to numb the area, or if you are overly anxious about the procedure, analgesia may be administered. Then, your dentist will make an incision along your gumline, creating what is known as a "surgical flap." This "flap" of tissue allows a dentist to gain access to the bone along the side of the jaw that is encasing the tooth root.

Once the tooth root has been removed, and depending on your next steps for care, your dentist may conduct a tooth socket graft to prevent bone resorption that begins rather immediately after the loss of a tooth, or simply allow the opening in the gum to heal on its own as with wisdom tooth extraction. An immediate, or, future dental implant, may also be performed or recommended.