Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism, medical travel or health tourism is the process of planning a trip to another country or a city with regards to procedures and treatments.

Increasing numbers of people are traveling overseas as budget friendly, satisfying, and safe option to experiencing treatment within their home countries. Medical tourists are usually citizens of the developed countries around the world and mostly travel from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, EU Countries, the Middle East and many other countries all over the world. They are trying to find destinations where they can combine an amazing vacation with receiving their medical attention at very economical prices.

Turkey has accomplished significant improvements in healthcare through the successful reforms of the last years. Quality, accessibility and technology in healthcare have been enhanced.

Learn the advantages of dental tourism with us

Our clinic has the Authorization Certificate of International Health Tourism given by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. This certificate is a proof of the competence and quality of our clinic for health tourism. In Turkey, if a foreign patient receives his/her treatment in a health institution not authorized for international health tourism, he/she may have trouble with insurance companies or government agencies. To be treated in an accredited health institution assures the quality and legality of your treatment. You may also benefit from some promotions of health tourism in a certificated institution.

Our clinic is experienced in dental tourism and provides services for patients globally who would like to have their treatments and procedures in Izmir, Turkey.

Healthcare System of Turkey

Turkey is currently seeking to join the European Union in the near future. In preparation for this, both government and private healthcare institutions are conducting strict implementation of quality, technical and medical standards. Independent observers constantly monitor these standards. The Ministry of Health sets the local standards and guidelines that are followed by hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You may contact us directly, via telephone, fax or email. You may call us from our contact numbers or fill-out the enquiry form on our website.

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